[Enthusiasm work] Need a 3d modeler to work in a team developing an indie game

(Tony Max) #1

I did not find a suitable category, so I'm writing here.
We develop indie RTS with cartoon simple graphics. At the moment we have C # programmer, 2D artist and NET programmer. So we need a 3D modeler and maybe animator to generate a game content.

For questions and suggestions, you can contact here or skype Doсsimus.
If you know Russian it will be great!

(Chaitanyak) #2

hi, whats the timeline? (is there a due date?)

(Alex Nan) #3

what kind models do you need ?
(1 year later :rofl:)

(Bart) #4

This doesn’t look like a serious project, and the OP doesn’t provide enough information about the project itself. If it’s an indie game offering unpaid work, that’s definitely against our forum policy.