Environment blur

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In a few cases it could be nice to have the environment without blur ( ex the "milkyway" ) like
a background.
It´s very usefull that you can blur the environment when you want to use it for reflections in
a model, but at mentioned, in a few cases it could be nice if it could be "unblurred" as in the
old version. Is that possible?

Thanks in adwance


Thanks for the feedback. We are considering allowing a 'blur 0' setting.

The main problem is load times. Unblurred environment images are much larger than blurred versions.

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Hej James

Thanks for your answer, I understand the problem
with loadtime.

Strange though that I haven´t noticed heavy loadtimes
with the few models I have made with visible environment.


Maybe 'problem' was the wrong word... 'consideration' smile

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Yep, loading time is important watch


@jfm3d @andylewis @Regus_M

Just confirmed, Blur 0 coming back soon!

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Nice, it can be handy in some cases smile

(Andy lewis) #8

More than handy. Essential, to my mind.

Good new, James. Thanks. wink

(Alice Lee) #9

Hello, Just wonder when the Blur 0 will come back...do need it for a work..


@AliceLee - coming back soon, but I don't have a solid ETA right now. Sorry about that!

(Nukearts) #11

Hi @james!

You are working in a custom environment tool too? I would like to import my own environment to get the illumination and reflection that I need.



Hi @Nukearts !

Hopefully we'll have an end-user GUI for this at some point, but if you can send us an HDR file you want to use, we can process it and add it to your account. Shoot me an email - support@sketchfab.com

(Nukearts) #13

This is perfect!

Thank you @james.