Environment/HDR lighting is unrealistic


(Gregzaal) #1

Right sphere has baked lighting from blender+cycles, left sphere is environment lighting in sketchfab.

The difference is clear: the SF sphere has a very smooth and unnatural falloff of the sunlight which extends past where the terminator should be (exactly half-way across the sphere) , also an odd black ring and a little spot of intense light on the back.

This stark difference is most apparent when using very high contrast HDRIs, but I guess it means lighting from other HDRIs is incorrect too.

Maybe this is just a limitation of real time HDR lighting, but eh, might as well talk about it :slight_smile:

(Gregzaal) #2

Can't post link to HDR file as I'm a new user apparently, but you can google for "hdrihaven flower road", or use any other of my HDRIs with the sun in them to test. If using HDRIs from other sources, be sure it's unclipped otherwise the lighting will be drastically unrealistic anyway.

(Cedric) #3

Thx for posting this, could you provide the blender file as sample for me to check materials, I want to be sure we dont miss something

(Gregzaal) #4

Still can't post links but here you go: http://adaptivesamples.com/files/sketchfab_test.blend


I just bumped up your forum trust level and fixed the link

(Cedric) #6

It seems we need to compute the diffuse part of the IBL differently, we will have to experiment something.