Eora3D Laser Scanner

(Tom Goskar) #1

I’ve just acquired a 3D laser scanner, the Eora3D. I backed this on Kickstarter over 2 years ago, and it’s finally arrived. This isn’t a review, just initial impressions.

The hardware is nicely made, and it utilises a smartphone to do the heavy lifting. However, the app that drives it all leaves a lot to be desired. The method of aligning the (beautifully constructed) turntable is incredibly imprecise and leaves lots of space for errors (which will occur) resulting in poorly registered scans.

And the output? Meh. Lots of fiddling required. Here’s my first attempt (well, 20th frustrated attempt).

There are a few other users out there who have posted their results to Sketchfab. I’d be keen to hear their experiences and tips. I will share mine as I get to know the system a little better.

(Tom Goskar) #2

Here’s a follow-up scan. I think that using the high res (8 million points per scan) mode will give acceptable results. You can clearly see the registration seams, which had to be done manually in CloudCompare. This isn’t something I’d like to do often…

Given that my iPhone 6 Plus only has 1GB RAM, it looks like the Eora3D scanner will be much better with a current generation iPhone. Eora should publicise that the high res mode will cause the app to crash each time unless you have a 6S Plus or better. Theoretically the better (sharper, more sensitive) camera on the current generation iPhones should give better results.