Episode IV: A New Hope. Trench Run animation


(Marcclintdion) #1

Here is a quick test of the animation system. :smile:

Camera Run Test by marcclintdion on Sketchfab

(Marcclintdion) #2

New animation setup. This time the entire scene moves. :smile:

Move Scene Run Test by marcclintdion on Sketchfab

(Bart) #3

Ah cool, you've already figured it out :smile: Welcome to the contest! I have added a Sketchfab PRO licence to your account until December 11 so you can upload larger files and use up to 20 annotations.


(Marcclintdion) #4

Some time in the next couple days I should have some details posted on how I am getting the animations to work. :smile:

For now, the basic setup is that I'm using one single armature(blender bone set) and adding new bones in Edit Mode then posing them in Pose Mode. Every time I add a new bone, I select the attached model in Object Mode and then select the Armature that contains all the bones, next I use Ctrl+P and choose Automatic Weights. This seems to do what needs to be done. (Some Weight Painting may be required eventually :wink:

(Marcclintdion) #5

Here's another test, just roughing out the ships animation. :smile:

Han Stops Vader by marcclintdion on Sketchfab

Han Stops Vader
by marcclintdion
on Sketchfab

enter link description here

@bartv Do you have any tips on how to embed the viewer here? I tried 3 different methods but all failed here. I'm not sure why the first post is functioning. Did you get that setup right?

Death Star Trench Run!
(Dark Minaz) #6

normally just post the link to the model, sketchfab forum does the rest.
e: there we go :stuck_out_tongue:

Han Stops Vader by marcclintdion on Sketchfab

so the http...s://sketchfab.c...om/models/5f9287c4...e4314358a81ab54...9576061f5 link

(Bart) #7

@dark_minaz yep correct. That, and put the link on an empty line. That's what caused the link in @marcclintdion's post to turn into a regular hyperlink.

(Marcclintdion) #8

Thank you both. That works. :smile:

(Marcclintdion) #9

The Luke's xWing fighter is coming along. :smile:

(Marcclintdion) #10

Here's the xWing Fighter AO bake. It was done using Blender Cycles.

Both the Sky and model color(Diffuse Shader) are set to pure white(1.0, 1.0, 1.0). The number of Global Illumination bounces is set to zero(Direct Light).

(Marcclintdion) #11

Here's the low-poly model with baked textures. Now to build some Tie-fighters. :smile:

(Jason Ivens) #12

Looks cool :smile:
I look forward to your next WIP

(Marcclintdion) #13

I do love the Bloom Filter.

xWing_LP1 by marcclintdion on Sketchfab

(Bart) #14

Great start @marcclintdion!

(Zachary Hixson) #15

Lookin' great!

Be sure to add some emissive lovin' all of the ship's engines for maximum visual awesome.

Can't wait to see how it turns out!

(Marcclintdion) #16

Thanks guys. :smile: Zach, how about emissive laser blasts!

(Marcclintdion) #17

Darth's Tie Fighter is now coming along.

(Marcclintdion) #18

The height map on the left is an orthographic camera bake using Cycles sky white. It's just a bunch of random sizes boxes that are mapped onto a plane using the particle system set to the Hair type.

It's then used as a bump map on the Tie Fighter.

(Marcclintdion) #19

Tinkering with shader masks... It's all baked but still in Blender for now. :smile:

(Marcclintdion) #21

Here's Darth ready to fly around in SketchFab.

Darth Vader's Tie Fighter. by marcclintdion on Sketchfab