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Error 13 When uploading Files from PIX4d


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I'm struggling to upload an FBX file created in PIX4D the file is 65mb and keeps coming up erroe 13 during upload.

Any ideas of what to do?



Can you give me a link to the failed upload?

Have you tried uploading OBJ + MTL + texture(s) instead?

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Thanks for reply,

I PM'd you. I have tried that also but still no joy


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Any Idea? Anyone?


Thanks for the files. Your texture is too big, both pixel size (32k × 32k) and file size (60MB) and this breaks our processing.

I recommend going down to 8192 × 8192.

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I don't understand as when i upgraded to pro it said file sizes up to 200mb? we are trying to use sketchfab to display 3d textures on a website we do not want to downgrade the models as obviously they won't look as good.


Most devices cannot render a 32k texture anyway, they will fallback to a smaller version. Additionally, waiting for a 60MB image to download isn't a great user experience. In my opinion, it's overkill for a real-time rendering in a web application.

The 200MB file size limit is not a 1:1 relationship with our ability to process the file or a given device or browser's ability to render it. That 200MB could be filled with lots of small textures, or a very complex high-poly scene. It is very much possible to make a small file that will perform horribly, or a very large file that performs great.