Error 50 : how to know the limit of numbers of polygons , meshes and textures?

Hello the team,

I try to upload an animation but about one hour there is this message :

Error 50: This model file is too complex (too many polygons, meshes, or textures)

I would like to know how to know the maximum number of polygons, meshes, textures, keyframes and other things downloadable per model before I upload it and have to wait an hour.

I create this animation with Blender.

Best regards and happy new year !

This help article on viewer performance has some information on limits and suggestions that might be helpful:

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Thank you @nomadking, I read this article so there arte not really method to know if a model has too many keyframes … . So I will to continue to upload many files until found the good file size !

There is an aditional page on importing animation from Blender that my have some more helpful tips:

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