Error from Lightwave

(Stephen0523) #1

Hi all, I am just trying out SF, but keep getting an error attached. Is there any quick and easy way to prep a Lightwave model for upload?

I am on a Mac.


Hi Stephen,

I've made a small change to the plugin here:

Replacing the file you downloaded with this one should let you work around the error you're seeing. I need to test some more and update the exporter download page with this file.

If you could send me a sample file that throws his error, it would be helpful ( ).


(Thiyagu) #3

Hi Stephen, Just follow the instruction of the support (James). Meanwhile, check whether you uploaded model is beyond your limit.

The first time when I upload a model. I faced some error
After that I have succesfully uploaded it.

Let me tell u what I did.

1.I just did triple all the polygon so that all converted into 3 point polygon.
2.I export that model into .dae and saved in my desktop.
3.Next I went to Layout scene and loaded that model (.dae - collada format) into my scene
4.Finally I uploaded into sketch fab by using the sketchfab lightwave plugin (master plugin) might be familiar but I just want to resolve your case as my case and solution would help in any of solving your probs.


(Stephen0523) #4

Hi all, I think it may have worked, but I got this error Also attached is the model.


(For the record)

Yep, your file is too big for your Basic account ( ).

I would recommend exporting the scene as FBX (Type: Binary; Materials/Embedded Textures). Then you can compress the FBX (high compression ZIP, RAR, or 7z) and upload manually. Hopefully that will get you under the file size limit.