Error Message 51

Hello all,

I have tried to upload a 3d model on sketchfab but I keep getting this error message ''Error 51". The file size of my 3D model is within the accepted file size. Also, I have tried uploading the same 3d model in different file formats (eg OBJ, FBX, STL etc) but still get this same error message. There are no explanations at Sketchfab help centre for what this error message means. Please I would like to know the meaning of this message? and the possible ways of resolving this problem?

( Understanding Error Codes – Sketchfab Help Center)

Thanks in advance

Hi there,

That’s weird, I checked your recent uploads and I’m seeing Error 60 on the model pages now, even though our processing logs do show Error 51…

I was able to upload your FBX file alone without the textures, so there seems to be something with the texture files that we can’t process. I’ve asked our 3D engineers to have a look.

Worst case scenario, you can upload the FBX and then add the textures in 3D Settings.

What software are you exporting from?

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Hi James,

Thank you for your response. I am exporting from Reality Capture. By the way, its wired you did not see the error 51. However, what is likely to be the problem if you see that error message.

Hi there again,

I just tried uploading the FBX file again as you advised but i got the same error message.