Error processing Mesh


(Waldoair) #1

Im trying to upload a large mesh of a city, I have tried it with a texture of 4k and 8k both have failed the there a limit to the file size sketchfab can upload?



What software and file format? Can you send me a link to the failed upload?

The file size limits are related to your subscription/plan.

Free: 50MB per model
Pro: 200 MB per model
Biz: 500 MB per model

That said, if your model is very heavy/complex, we might not be able to process it.

(Waldoair) #3

Im pro....the model zipped is 255 MB (including .obj and texture) how much is the business plan?

(Waldoair) #4

it shows im pro...but it also shows im business..can you confirm which of these plans i am on?


You're already Business (black PRO badge). Can you send me a link to the failed upload? I suspect the model was too big, but I'd like to take a closer look.


(Waldoair) #6

download link for the mesh


Thanks! 6.5 Million vertices / 13 Million faces is quite a lot. Can you try decimating the model in MeshLab before uploading?