Error Share on Facebook


(3dmotion) #1

Hello, I have realized the mistakes Sketchfab share links on Facebook. Often the link does not load the thumbnail.
I try to use the DEBUG facebook, and most of the time it works.
But sometimes, it shows a lot of error messages.
I'll paste a few below:

Probably a sketchfab error in time to record the thumbnail, it is taking a long time and sometimes not even record.


Thanks for the details! We'll take a look.

(Hansolocambo) #3

I also have too many issues with my Sketchfab posts on Facebook
I come back once in a while on my Facebook profile and always check all the thumbnails as there is always one (right now I checked and that's 4 of them ...) or many more that doesn't display. Even when they're old Sketchfab posts that I didn't update.
It's kind of boring to have to use Facebook's Sharing Debugger to debug and scrape again the URL, then go back on our profile and "refresh Share Attachement". But nevermind, I was doing it regularly.

But for some reason for a month or so, even after using Facebook debug, thumbnails doesn't display :
- I use Facebook Debug, Scrape again.
- Then I refresh the share attachment of my post but it doesn't work like it used to.
- So I go in Sketchfab, resave a new screenshot version of a scene.
- I go back in Facebook Debug, Scrape again.
- I then edit the Facebook post by first inputting some random text without the sketchfab Link. I save this temporary post.
- Then I edit the same post again, paste the sketchfab link. The thumbnail displays properly while I'm still in edit mode, but as soon as I validate the post, there is no more thumbnail on Facebook's wall...

I really don't know where this issue is coming from. Sketchfab thumbnails always display properly in my personnal Wix website or anywhere I posted them. So it seems to be mainly an issue on Facebook's side. But it sure is very annoying.

Here are the kind of warnings I get when using Facebook Debugger to try and scrape the proper data from Sketchfab, hopefully it'll help :

Hope you'll figure out a way one day to prevent this from happening. As it has always been happening with Sketchfab posts displayed in Facebook. As far as I know.

Sincerely, HanSoloCambo.