Error while saving settings

An unexpected error occured while saving settings. If the error persists, please contact our Support Team.



Can you reproduce this issue? Does it happen on all your models, or on a specific one? If so, please share the URL with us.

I have the same problem. I cannot add additional files and save the changes. The attached files are in fbx and tga format. Packed into a zip archive.

link to my 3d models

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Having the same issue with my model. can someone help on that please.

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I am also getting “Unexpected upload error” when trying to upload a new model. The issue happens when using Firefox, but I am still able to upload in Chrome.

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there seems to be in general some problems around firefox over the past 2 or more months, emphasis on “seems”
I have had a string of issues including a variety of upload errors and other issues that all seem to hint at being a firefox issue or cache issue
I dont use other browsers but noticed this year firefox had much more frequent update prompts compared to previous years might be related to breaking some issues with sketchfab

The error occurs regardless of browser. I have tested on Firefox, Chrome and Edge. I also deleted cookies and used different computers.

interesting, well ok karl & co. hang tight, im sure the staff will look into this after the weekend

We have tracked down this issue and are working on a fix.

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I have the same problem when uploading any new model to the store.
Already 2 days have passed since I wrote a support ticket, but there is still no answer

@SKETCHFAB please resolve this issue as quickly as possible

There is regression of uploading models and additional assets. After November 3, after adding attachments up to 2 GB in size. Post about attachments Sketchfab Community Blog - » Feature Update: Additional File Archives Specialists are already working to fix the problem.