Error with loading in texture of my model

(Keltic Vermeersch) #1

Hey there!
first of all thank you for taking the time for trying to help me.
now the problem I have is I made a model in 3DS max and putted textures on it and everything is fine in 3DS max itself, but when I try to upload it on sketchfab textures seem to break
I hope someone could help me out with this issue

these are picture from inside 3DS max and the second one on SketchFab:


(Moroplogo) #2

@KelticVermeersch did you try to see the other topics about this problem?
You can type "texture 3ds" in the Search bar , there are already some resolved topics about that.
I hope you 'll find a solution !

(Keltic Vermeersch) #3

Thank you! The problem has been resolved.