[ERROR13] Cannot upload files

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hello community this is my first post in here..
I've created a small project which I tried to upload many times but failed.
First error threw an unexpected error tried to re-upload from the website the same.
I downloaded the extractor and input my token so I can upload files easier and I get error 13. What's wrong?

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Sorry for replying on my own post but I cannot upload anything here anymore...


What software are you using? What file format did you upload?

Can you send me a link to an example, and/or send me the original file? support@sketchfab.com


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Hello and thanks for replying,
I am using 3ds Max and I am trying to upload a .obj file.
I'll send you the original file on the email you provided me.


Have you tried the 3ds Max Exporter plugin? https://sketchfab.com/exporters/3dsmax

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Yes I did, I redownload it and surprisingly it is working now!
I don't know why though they were of the same version.


Yes, maybe something hiccuped on our processing server. I had no trouble uploading the file you sent:

Tv Set 3ds Max → OBJ by James on Sketchfab

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hm you may be right, if I encounter an error again I'll update this thread thanks for helping me!


Great, please do let me know if you see it again.