Escher stairs - Unity VR project


(Waner94) #1

Escher Test by vmworks on Sketchfab

Just started a new project.
The idea is to turn a painting, or any artwork that known by the public to a 3D form, and with VR you will be able to turn around, and see what can be on the other side of the place. It's a school project, and we are working in unity with the Google Cardboard plugin, or template. Hope we will be able to put it on google play.
I will use similar textures as it's on the picture.

(Waner94) #2

The modelling is finished, now I wiil make the texturing. I want to make nice Vray baked lights and shadows to avoid realtime light rendering on a mobile device.

(Nomadking) #3

Looks really nice. Are you planning on any texturing apart from the lighting? I think it looks great as it is - the plain look lets you take in the complex geometrical things that are going on.

(Waner94) #4

Yes, I'm planning to texture it, something like etching. But I want to make a clean version too.
And if I can, I'll add some character.Don't know it's a good idea, but I'll give it a try.

(Chaitanyak) #5

looks great! i hope you add the lizard/aligator character that escher used in a lot of his work :smile: maybe it can be stationary and just flick its tail occasionally!

the etched you plan on baking it on with lighting? either way looking forward to see this!

I actually did a few eschereque illustrations back in design school(hand drawn on paper). .youve inspired me to re-visit them

(Waner94) #6

Yeah, the aligator would be cool, but I'm not good in animal or human modeling :smiley:
Yes, the idea is to bake the Vray light in 3Ds Max, and import them as a lightmap in Unity, as lightmap to mix with the etched texture.

Here's a render with textures. Don't know that's what I want, but I have no alternatives right now.

(Chaitanyak) #7

hmm i like these..
another alternative could be the ehochrome look -

with just outlines..

another is to do a shader.. like these

(Chaitanyak) #8

heres a thread you might be able to get a simple cross hatching shader from

(Dark Minaz) #9

I feel like the texture is a bit to strong. might want to lower it more to a grey rather than some of the really black spots.
Also some areas seem to be a bit blurry, not sure why that is. + the light line in the red one.

i would make a 2nd texture (grey ish, not a lot of structure) for the rails. Similar to the reference image, where those art not textured or "less".

(Johnson Martin) #10

Wow, this is really cool. I love the idea of converting artworks into a VR experience. A small critique, I think the lighting and the texture style have a conflict. I would go for more of a flat style, to stay true to the artworks style. Kind of like this: (Electric highways is a great game btw. :stuck_out_tongue: )

(Waner94) #11

Thank you for the replies!

@chaitanyak The ehochrome example looks pretty cool, like these lines :smiley:
Yes! The artistic shader! I was looking for exactly something like this. Thanks, that's a big help!
In 3Ds Max there is an option to change the viewport style to pencil drawn, and it's awesome, and I was thinking how should I do it in Unity. But cannot find the right shaders yet. So I will check these out.

@dark_minaz I feel it too. I'll change it, or maybe a Unity shader will do it, I'll figure it out. The blurred textures is caused by the low Anisotropic filtering, I think. And the light line error should be a simple connection problem, I'll fix it.

@Regus_M Thank you! Yes, maybe I shouldn't use colored lights in the final scene. Don't know this game, but I like good games, so I'll try it out :smiley:

I'll back with updates soon.
The bests for u!