Essssam #3December Entries

(Essssam) #1

Let’s give this challenge a go, it’ll be fun :grin:
Good luck to all the challengers.

(Essssam) #2

Okay, let’s kick off the challenge! :crazy_face:

I’ve always loved the Burberry trench coat ads so when the prompt for the first day of 3December was coat, I decided to try and do a quick take on it.

DIdn’t have time to retopo so I decimated a bit… maybe too much. Sorry for the artifacts, was in a bit of a hurry to finish it.

(Essssam) #3

It’s only the second day and I’m already behind :persevere:
Anyway, here is my entry for the second day (prompt is stove).

(Essssam) #4

Rushed this one a bit to get back on track. I really like the concept behind it (Penguin tourists visiting the North Pole) but I’m really pressed for time so… yeah :grin:

(Essssam) #5

Day 4
This one is a bit, well, different from what I usually do. Getting food models to look delicious is definitely a challenge and I’ve most definitely failed at it here, but it was fun attempting it.

(Machiya) #6

What software are you using?

(Essssam) #7

I use Blender for modeling & UV unwrapping
ZbrushCore for Sculpting
& Substance Painter for Texturing

(Machiya) #8

That’s a good mix. Same here!

I am trying to do the whole sprint using VR software! Currently doing my head in.

(Essssam) #9

Ohhh!? I still haven’t tried VR out, how does it compare?
I’m still getting comfortable with the software mix I have now so I think it’ll be a while before I leap into something new.

(Essssam) #10

A quick sculpt for the 5th challenge of 3December. Took a little under 2 hours.
Check out Instagram for a timelapse of the sculpting process.

Any feedback and criticism is appreciated :slight_smile:

(Essssam) #11

A quick reindeer to get back on track.
Happy holidays everyone!

(Essssam) #12

Day 7 of the 3December challenge.
This marks a week into the challenge, 2 left to go!!

(Ever Shroud) #13

Ahh, I love your igloo, it’s such a calming image! Awesome work!

(Essssam) #14

:blush: Wow, thanks a ton!!
It was a really fun one to work on and I would’ve loved to put more time in it.

(Essssam) #15

Day 8
I admit it, I got a bit lazy with this one, oops

(Essssam) #16

The ninth day of 3December.
This little guy is ready for the holidays.

(Essssam) #17

One of the things I’ve learnt from watching a ton of cartoons is that squirrels love pinecones, I think… Yeahhh, Google says they love pinecones too. So for the 10th day of 3December, here is a little happy squirrel with all the pinecones he might need for the season.

(Ever Shroud) #18

Haha, that is so adorable! I love those pine cones too, they look very real. Such a cute little expression the squirrel has!

(Essssam) #19

Hahaha, I’m glad you like it :blush:

(Essssam) #20

11th day of 3December.
Not 100% happy with this one… but oh well.

AND… that marks a little more than halfway in.
It’s been getting tough finding time to do these but will do my best to continue.