Essssam #3December Entries

(Essssam) #21

The 12th challenge of 3December.
Falling a bit behind, need to get back in it.

(Essssam) #22

3December Day 13
An unsuccessful attempt at stylizing fur :frowning:

(Essssam) #23

3Decmber Day 14.
Quick little shack to get back on track.

(Ever Shroud) #24

Oh my goodness, your arctic fox is adorable!!!

(Essssam) #25

Thanks! It’s actually heavily inspired by the Alolan Vulpix from Pokemon.

(Essssam) #26

Wow 15 days in already!!
Less than a week to go :crazy_face:

(Essssam) #27

Kept it simple for this one.
Happy Holidays!!!

(Essssam) #28

17th day of 3December.
First Frost.

(Essssam) #29

18th day of 3December.
I need to get a better hold on the Sketchfab editor so I’m experimenting with the editor’s transparency options on this one.

(Essssam) #30

This one was a bit forced but had to push it out to continue with the challenge.

(Essssam) #31

Day 20
Not satisfied with this one alse…

(Essssam) #32

And the last challenge: