Every texture is pink


(Boi Slipp) #1

Good afternoon everyone, I am having a problem with this exterior scene: https://sketchfab.com/models/07dfe01fb78c441db081646ff4c1d9e0#

When I load the .blend file, and then render it, every texture/model is pink on my screen. Do any of you know how to fix it?

(Elbriga) #2

The textures are missing, you can locate them with 'file>find missing files' in Blender, or restore them to their original location relative to the blend file

(Boi Slipp) #3

I have tried doing what you told me, but it still doesn't work. See the screenshots for more info.

(Shaderbytes) #4

looking at your last two screenshots , you do not have all the textures in that directory, have a look at the specific file names it says it cant find .. eg :


There is no texture with this name in your directory. Im sure if you look at all the names it is the same issue.

You simply do not have the complete texture set.

(Boi Slipp) #5

Idk, those were the textures that were in the downloaded .Zip, and it worked fine for other people, but the thing is, it doesn't even find the textures that ARE present. So could you please test out this model and see if it works for you?