Every time I like a model it doesn't save

(Yuri50) #1

So, every time I press like it doesn’t actually like it, let’s say the model has 20 likes, instead of becoming 21 it just stays at 20 and doesnt show up on my profile “Likes”, I’m on chrome, have tried it on firefox, and on chrome in my phone

(Techykitty) #2

+1 It doesn’t seem to be working. I’m on chrome.

(Bart) #3

Thanks for reporting, we’re looking in to it.

(Www Noe 3d At) #4

Same here.

(Yuri50) #5

I noticed it only happens when I open the model in another window, when I open it in the exploring list and it overlays it works.

(Techykitty) #6

Any fix on this issue? Still, I can’t get it working. As a model author myself, the number of likes ground to a halt, while the number of downloaders are hiking up. Is that relevant to this issue?

(Iliedom) #7

Same here, checked in Chrome and Firefox. It seems the ‘like’ button works in the preview mode, but not visualizing the model

(Bart) #8

We’re getting close to release a fix for this, please bear with us.

Update: this issue has been fixed.