Everything turns out white on upload (from 'built-in-uploader in SketchUp)


Sometimes when I upload a model, everything becomes white - as figures cut out of styrofoam.
It’s frustrating not knowing what to do. Do you have had any similar experiences and in case yes; what did you do about it.

On several occations I have tried to copy-paste things, object by object, into a ‘fresh’ document - sometimes with good, sometimes with bad result. My conclusion was none since it doesn’t look like it takes the same ‘debugging’ on every upload.

I’d love to hear about same experiences.

Thanks in advance


Hi Mick,

My first guess is too many materials.

Sketchfab currently supports a maximum of 100 unique materials. If we detect more than 100 materials during processing, they are merged together.


If you share a model link I can confirm for you.

I highly recommend reading these two articles about uploading from SketchUp:

Hi James

Thanks for the answers. I don’t think that the limit of materials is exceeded.
This model, I uploaded 40 times, sometimes it helped to ‘re-draw’ a single object or move something around, and the again time after, it turned out white again.
Pretty frustrating and probably my fault.
I was just thinking that if I could do something about it, you guys would know - :o)

My model wich caused problems this time is: models/a91e4ea4029a489eb64ddda18397b322

One of the uploads which succeeded is: models/432058be7c1d45a0a204052243ac2678

I’m now allowed to link, my guess is, that you can manage however.

I will look into the articles that you linked to - thanks

/ Mick

Hi Mick,

I checked your original files.

a91e4ea4029a489eb64ddda18397b322 appears to have named 102 materials:


432058be7c1d45a0a204052243ac2678 seems to have exactly 100.