Evil Angels on Sketchfab

(Bart) #1

I'm posting some of my favorite female fighters here - please add yours!

Update: also check out the sister topic, Badass Bosses

Low Poly Angel Female by BitGem on Sketchfab

Riot art contest Caitlyn by Dmitry Grebenkov on Sketchfab

Dark Cultist by Dmitry Grebenkov on Sketchfab

Mercenary Katarina by danpaz3d on Sketchfab

Sketchfab's Badass Bosses
(Chaitanyak) #2

Wow.. Excellent picks Bart!

Hmm..note to self: "start making some female characters."

(Bart) #3

You're keeping a close eye on the forum smile Thanks for the compliment!

(Desmondd) #6

Here is my Lux Model

Lux Model by desmondd on Sketchfab

(Andyvargas) #7

Hi guys, here is Vi!

Vi StealthRocket - League of Legends Art Contest by andyvargas on Sketchfab

(Dwall) #9

I offer my Redeemed Riven as tribute!

Redeemed Riven by Dwall on Sketchfab

(Lord00120) #10

Medusa's Retreat by Jakob Baldwin on Sketchfab

My Evil Angel, Medusa! smiley

(Endlessillusion) #11

Valentine ( Skullgirls ) by Endlessillusion on Sketchfab

(Endlessillusion) #12

Maude by Endlessillusion on Sketchfab

(Luther Loomis) #15

Here's my contribution, she's not evil, but she's definitely a fighter =D

Dryad Soraka by on Sketchfab

(Reyknow) #16

just adding mine smile

Female Mage by reyknow on Sketchfab

(Heat3d) #17

Katarina by heat3d on Sketchfab

(Kokusho) #21

Dr. Dana.D by Yann on Sketchfab

(Laurasueb) #22

Hopefully this loads the textures properly (showing up black for me :/ )

Ravenborn Leblanc by laurasueb on Sketchfab

(Bart) #23

They take a few seconds to load for me, during which they are black, but after that it's fine! If you keep having problems, let me know and we'll look in to it.

Thanks for sharing!

(Brdiefenbach) #24

Here's my tribute:

Riot Art Contest - Arctic Fox Ahri by brdiefenbach on Sketchfab

(D33m0n) #25

Here is my Nami.

Nami (Final version) by d33m0n on Sketchfab

(Pixelanvil) #26

Riot Art Contest 2014 League of Legends turret by pixelanvil on Sketchfab

(Byren) #27

Urm.. I'm not sure how I can display the model. I've tried using the embed code and the BB link but neither worked :/ so here's just the link for now!

[edited by @bartv]

Riven02 by on Sketchfab

(Bart) #28

You don't need any special codes, just put the full link to the model in the message - here's how. It doesn't work with the shortened URLs. I fixed your post for you.