Ex Machina - Red alert!


(Antoine Bassin) #1

Hi everybody,

There are 2 days left until the end of the contest.
As a personnal challenge, I'll try to make a 2nd entry, an oppressive scene from Ex Machina, where Domhnall Gleeson is facing the humanoid A.I.

It will be a static scene.
I already done the blockout and a first light setup.


Ambitious! Love the lighting, the blocking already looks quite put together. Good luck, I love this movie!

(Antoine Bassin) #3

The A.I. is almost done.
Next step: unfold UV and bind skin to make a realistic character.

(Antoine Bassin) #4

UVs done!

(Antoine Bassin) #5

Texturing & posing done!

(Antoine Bassin) #6

And voila! my final static entry is here.
3 days weren't enough to do all the things I wanted but I'm satisfied.

As always, feedbacks are welcome :wink:

(Ndrakey) #7

Hope I may give some critics.
I sometimes wonder how advanced peoples technical background is but at the same time they dont put enough time and effort into the details . You did a great job on the background and the lighting. The textures look good too. but what in my oppinion would be most important are proportions. Also her face looks like shes out of a comic book - She lacks facial expression.

Try this guide on proportions:

(Antoine Bassin) #8

As I said, I only had three days to make this scene. I didn't have time to polish enough my character and I didn't want to fall into the uncanny valley. Thus, I assumed her proportions are not real, as well as the room is a bit simplified. Same thing for posture and facial expression. My choices were entirely dictated by time. :wink: Thanks for your feedbacks.