Exploded View Feature?

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Hey guys!

I've seen artists use an 'exploded view' script in 3Ds Max, showcasing the individual pieces of their model. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfGd_y56Yfg

Any chance Sketchfab could obtain such a feature in the near future? It'd be so useful for viewing the individual elements in 3D space!

Thank you.



It would be possible with the Viewer API. Here's an example:


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Ah, that would be so great! Thanks for the reply.

Since I have little to no experience with coding... how would one use this?
Thank you.


You could replace the model ID ( "3fd0d589176146c7b2fc08b095598bdf" ) in the code with your own model's ID, but there's no guarantee that the explosion would work the same way. It depends a lot on how the model what created, what format, etc.

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Oh okay, thanks, so you mean edit the embedded code of the model and insert the new code somewhere in between what's already there?


In the code on the right of that demo page, you can replace the model ID here:

However, if you want to implement this yourself somewhere else, it will require some coding / development work.