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Exploring the Rat Kingdom


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Hi everyone!

I for one competition
I have actually been wanting to attend this competition for a while. We have been talking about it for over a week now in our group.

Initially I had had thought of creating Frankenstien's monster.

I wanted to present the way he would explore life.

But later I felt that an atmosphere of a post apocalyptic world was what I wanted to go for. To give the story a twist I introduced all characters as members of a zoo exploring a sort of new realized freedom.

But that image had too many complications (More about the creation process). And as I tackled each of them I realized another image that I just wanted to go for...

I had not a perfect story behind it yet. But I knew what I wanted it to look like. And suddenly the story sprouted together with my decisions on visuals: I wanted a child with a teddy-bear in his hand exploring the woods on his own and confronting the throne of the Rat King and his minions...

I am going to have the story be displayed in a gloomy atmosphere. But because I like colours so much I am not going to bury it in black. I shall have cold greens/blues on the back grounds rendering a forest canopy. And the child with his toy in his hand.

I want to make a little dreamy. So we are never too sure if the story is in real life or if it is a dream.

Rat King Pose by sedataciklar on Sketchfab

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My kid Skull anatomy and sketch

Head Skull3 by sedataciklar on Sketchfab

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Nice idea, its always nice to see the thought process behind a piece, and it looks like your off too a good start with your Rat King. Not sure if it's intended, but he has quite a 'neutral' atmosphere to him - not scary yet not obviously a friend. It can be quite an interesting approach to let the viewer fill in some of the details themselves :wink:

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I'm glad you think so.. because ı just want it to be mystic , neither scary nor friendly or cute. rat king is blind in both eyes.. Rat king (Jirgahk) Older, wiser, blind, hairy, tattoos a complete conundrum...

and it is not finished yet :smile:

Thank you so much for the nice comments :smile:

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Loving this so far. I really enjoy this style when done right.

The texturing on the rat king looks great. But I feel that tree "throne" could use more attention. Seems very tiled at the moment.

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Thanks I will try :blush: ,

Rat King Pose 2 by sedataciklar on Sketchfab

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My Kid by sedataciklar on Sketchfab

change my child

With photogrammetry techniques