Export 3dsmax point cache animation through FBX


(Efenueve) #1

I’m using 3dsmax 2016 and I’m trying to export a simple box animation where its vertexes are animated. I added a Point Cache modifier, saved the cache in an xml file and during the FBX export I check “Animation”, then check “Point Cache Files” via a selection set that I created previously including the animated box.

When I re import that FBX into max it shows the animation but via the point cache modifier that is reading the xml point cache file, and not actually the keyframes baked into the geometry. So, as you may guess, Sketchfab is not importing the animation since it doesn’t support external point cache files. Does any of you knows how to bake that animation during the export process?

I have no problem importing animated FBX files with simple move, rotate and scale transformations.

Here’s a screenshot of the box and the modifier:

Thanks guys!