Export error from Substance painter to Sketchfab


(Homkahom0) #1

Hi all) I am exporting my model from substance painter for the firs time an get an issue :frowning:

Who can help me solve this problem? Log file added
Log_Substance Painter_2.0.1.1105-msvc11-x64-standard-full-de8687d9.txt (74.9 KB)



That looks like an issue on Allego's end. Have you contacted them?

(Homkahom0) #3

Yes.. Waiting for answer from them(

(Dark Minaz) #4

if all goes wrong simple export it as a normal export and upload it by hand
or what might help is to update substance painter 2.0.1 is pretty old
current it's at 2.5.1