Export from Fusion 360 to Sketchfab WITH texture?

I am looking for some tips on a better workflow from Fusion 360 to Sketchfab.

Say I make a cube in Fusion 360 then add a texture like wood (see screenshot).

Then I export as an FBX - or any other format (see screenshot).

This wood texture does not get to Sketchfab. Currently I have a workaround where I import into Blender, reapply the wood, then export again to Sketchfab as a .blend.

Is there a more direct way from Fusion 360 to Sketchfab?

Maybe a different file type or means of exporting?

I know you can add a texture in the 3D Settings tab of Sketchfab but it would be nice to not have to do double actions.

Sure would love to get these two pieces of software more connected as being able to share the Sketchfab file, do VR, AR, all that jazz is just too good and is so helpful for designing and making things.

Since you need to re-apply the wood in Blender too, this makes me wonder if there’s a problem with the FBX file itself. Have you tried other (non-Autodesk) FBX viewers to check the file?

Thank you for the reply.

What other viewers are you thinking of?

Meshlab perhaps? https://www.meshlab.net/

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Thanks I’ll take a look into that!

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