Export Lights + Backgrounds/Environments to GLTF?

Hello Sketchfab gurus,

Simply put, it will be quite useful to include light’s information and background data within the GLTF format.

Is this something we could expect in the near future?


I don’t know much about this. @waleguene is our internal glTF master. I’m not sure that anything is planned regarding exporting lights though.

Hi @neosettler,

Unfortunately, there is no plan to export environment/lights information in glTF at the moment (we didn’t discuss about this).
The main raison is that one of the main usecases for the glTF model is to be used in projects, and composed with other models, so having a different lighting and environment does not make sense.

(However, I understand that having this data could be useful to display the model alone, or for other specific cases.)

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