Export MODO's cloth animation(simulation) to Sketchfab


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Hi guys,

I've created a flag animation using MODO's dinamics features, and wanted to upload it into Sketchfab.

However it looks like the animation doesn't work after I uploaded it into Sketchfab.
That's the second animation I uploaded, and the first one, a cube(https://skfb.ly/69GxO), works fine.

Probably I'm doing something wrong with saving/exporting that simulation/dinamics.

I've read the Help articles: MODO - Animation (https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/206223416-MODO-Animation?flash_digest=dc8b814712d8a9bd7e8be86c6ce7066a39a01510)
and Animations (https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/203058018-Animations)

However it doesn't help to solve the problem.
I would appreciate any help

P.S. The model is here: https://yadi.sk/d/-RHHK4Iy3NzbSg

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I could find out that it's possible to save the animation in MDD external file.
So, I exported MMD, and imported it into the mesh:

The animation is working inside of MODO. However I still can't import it in Sketchfab - it doesn't saved inside of FBX file.

Any advice how to do it ?

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If it's a MODO specific animation feature, it probably will not be correctly exported to FBX or be supported on Sketchfab. You will probably have to bake the animation into keyframes and/or use morph targets. Sorry I'm not an expert on animation or MODO... :confused:

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I've found a solution:
to upload a Modo's soft body into Sketchfab you should export Alembic file after cache simulation. SketchFab can read Alembic file (including point cache animation)

The result:


Very cool! Thanks for sharing the solution.