Export nonlinear deformer (sine) into skecthfab


(Pauline Pouchtajevitch) #1

Hi =),

I am trying to export into sketchfab a little animation I made for my Watermelon whale-shark.
The animation is made with a non linear sine deformer on the mesh, and I don't really understand how am i supposed to export that.

I have made a skeleton for the shark, but I didn't succeed in baking the derformation on it.

What am i supposed to do ?
Bake the animation on the mesh ? and then export it as a stop motion animation ?

Have a nice day =).

(Waleguene) #2

Hi @PaulinePouchtajevitc,

From the little I know about sine deformers applyed on meshes, you should be able to convert this animation to morph animation (that is possible since mesh vertices/topology are not modified during the animation, only vertices positions).
I don't know if Maya has a native tool to do that.

If you are able to bake your mesh at different steps in animations (to build different morph targets) and then manually generate an animated morph mesh, you could have this animation working on Sketchfab :slight_smile: (also timeframe, but morph animations is often better for performances).

You could also try to export your scene using Alembic. .abc files are supported on Sketchfab. The only thing to keep in mind is that material support for this format is very basic (one material created for each object).

Keep us in touch if any of these solutions work for you,

(Pauline Pouchtajevitch) #3

Hi Waleguene ^^,

I made a blend shape using your advice and it worked ^^

Thank you so much for your help , I kept it simple, but you can check the animation here :