Exporter for 3ds max - troubles to install

Sorry, if that was asked already, but i have troubles to instal exporter script in 3ds max. If max is run without admin privileges and i drag&drop mzp file into viewport, it shows installation dialog, but as soon as i press install, it gives me error message. However if i start max as administrator and try to drag mzp into viewport, 3ds max won’t let me do that, when i release mouse, nothing happens.

How could i install this mzp file. Should i extract it manually and place files to folders by hand?

Thanks in advance.

Can you try going to the MAXScript → Run script menu and navigating to the MZP file.

What version of 3ds Max?

That worked! Thank you!

Max is 2014 sp5 designer

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Great :smiley:

Thanks for version info.