Exporter not letting me log in

I can’t seem to login with the exporter using 10.2v2. I enter my email and password and:

  1. Clicking on log in button does nothing.


  1. Hit enter- my fields are cleared and no login attempt is made.

I haven’t been able to get the exporter to work even after a fresh install of everything on my system this weekend.

What do I need to do to get it to work in MODO?

I have the exact same problem with 10.1v2 and 10.2v1 It appears that the login button is not getting pressed and it seems like it is a selectable object instead. So the button never gets pressed. Same thing if you try to create an account from inside the plugin.

I can get the button to work (or maybe enter) but it takes about 20+ tries it seems.

Problem is after that when I go to export, it says it’s exporting to sketchfab, but then nothing ever happens after that. I never see the model in my account. :frowning:

A work around I found was to login into the ‘Sketchfab Importer’. Then try entering your login and password for the ‘Sketchfab Exporter’. Should be able to log in