Exporting an animation from a bezier curve?

Hi! One of my blender animations is composed of a beveled bezier curve with its points hooked to different bones to bend and control the curve, I attempted to upload the animation to find out that sketchfab doesn’t allow for that sort of thing, it just showed the curve as a mesh in its original position when exported, but not the animation. I’d like to know if there’s a way to bake or convert that beveled curve into an animated mesh without losing or having to redo the whole thing, any ideas?

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Maybe @norgeotloic can help. Could you share the Sketchfab URL or a sample Blender file?

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When you have an animation rigged with specific constraints and you want it exported as FBX.
First thing you need to do(i ussualy do,is to figure out the problem).
Reimport exported FBX to blender, and see if it behaves as it should. If not, than it’s probably not the problem of sketchfab/unity/unreal, but the FBX “…doesn’t allow for that sort of thing” :smiley: .
Then you reopen the source blend file, and bake animation with different settings “visual, clear constraints…” export FBX again, reopen it, untill you make it work :wink:

I know it’s not the greatest tip but If you don’t have a specific tutorial on a subject, trial and error it is :wink:

you can select only hooked bones and bake selected. Good luck!

Sry, i’m a bit slow. Just realized, i think the best solution would be set it up again with Spline IK, weight paint mesh, then bake it, than export it. Basicaly redo it :frowning: You can always append the action/animation on a new rig.


Made this one real quick

I did try to explain everything but still if you have questions I’ll help


Oh my gosh this is EXACTLY what I was looking for and it makes perfect sense!! Thank you SO SOO MUCH!!! :smiley:


Glad I could be of help