Exporting as glb

Hi, I am a virtual reality developer and I’ve been trying to use sketch fab models in my games. When you export the models they come in a zip folder and I need it in a glb format to be able to use them.
Does anybody know a way download as a glb, get a link to the model so it doesn’t have to be downloaded or somehow change the model into a glb format?

hi :slightly_smiling_face: when you are downloading a 3d model from Sketchfab it compresses it and comes in a zip file you can extract that using winrar or a 7 ZIP software they are free.

And you said that you wants the models in .GLB so you can download them in .gltf/.glb format directly from sketchfab

because GLB files are a binary version of the GL Transmission Format (glTF) file, which uses JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) encoding. So, supporting data (like textures, shaders, and geometry/animation) is contained in a single file.

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Hey, Thank you for your answer! Do you happen to have a link to any one of these software’s I can use to extract the glb?

here you go :upside_down_face:

Sorry for the late reply I think it’s working, just need to learn how to use the tool. Thanks for the help!

I am also using sketchfab and converting to GLB for hubs. Is there anyway I can export it from sketchfab with the shaders that I added to the model in sketchfab?