Exporting COLLADA not working in Blender...sort of


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I tried to export on e of the Models in the 3D ware house:

And I would like to Export it into Blender. I am assuming I am limited by my Export options because I am using the free Sketchup? Anyway, I imported this model as a COLLADA file into Blender and there is all kinds of things missing. I was wondering if someone might be able to explain to me as to what is going on.


Not sure about the COLLADA issue, I try to avoid using that format whenever possible...

I exported an OBJ version for you, maybe it will import into Blender better?

marshall.zip (8.5 MB)

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Thanks James, it did. I was not offered the option to export as OBJ. Maybe because my Sketchup is free?


Yep, I think the free version of SketchUp can only export collada.

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Thank you for exporting that for me though!