Exporting complex animation from Unity


(Ben0ki) #1

I'm testing GLTF files for a web based AR experiment and have to say, really impressed with the sketchfab exporter for Unity!

I am running in to a little trouble however with a complex animation drawing from this Unity asset package.

Unity WebGL output: https://benjaminkeane.me/webgl/unity1/index.html
Sketchfab Exporter output: https://sketchfab.com/models/6f1aed84e74c4f98843b5e33d85a9f9c

I think I may be trying to do more than the exporter currently supports, but still would like to double check since it would be a revelation for A-Frame/ARjs development if it worked.. Anyone know what's going on with my export?

(Mrchlblng) #2

@ben0ki sketchfab does currently not support uv or materials animation. It seems that the (nice btw!) sample you're testing is using those so that probably explains the difference.
Those features for richer animations are in our backlog but we have no ETA for implementation yet.

(Waleguene) #3

Hi @ben0ki,

I think your scene contains a bunch of features that are not supported by the exporter.
What's the part of your scene being managed by custom shaders ? Note that these shaders will not be exported since the plugin will only export 3D data like meshes/materials/animations.

I would have at least expected to have the plane animated on Sketchfab. How this animation is done ?

The dynamic rendering of wireframe vs regular model will not be possible on Sketchfab with the current feature set.

(Ben0ki) #4

@mrchlblng I see thank you, I figured that was the case. I look forward to the day you guys introduce the richer animations!

(Ben0ki) #5

@waleguene, yes the effect is achieved using custom shaders and section slicing across a rotating plane - I didn't expect it to really be possible but thank you for your explanation!