Exporting Hypershade (Maya2016) with and animation/model

(Josh B) #1

I have made a small animation within Maya2016 and everything is in working (thanks to James!) order apart from the Hypershade texture. It is a lemon texture made using the Lambert and a Fractal texture which are combined together.
Any maya experts able to help out?
*i will post link and screenshots when im back on my pc

Many thanks, Josh

(Dark Minaz) #2

bake the texture out, since obi's don't keep mayas material connections.
so go to transfer maps, and bake the albedo :slight_smile:
or just do the texture in photoshop
I don't think there is another way to get it to work in sketchfab, as sketchfab only expects 1 texture, not 2 nodes + 2 textures :slight_smile: