Exporting multiple objects from Blender does not work


(Sjoerdnijkerk) #1

I have these 3 objects in Blender that I want to upload to Sketchfab. However, when I do this only the one in the middle shows up on Sketchfab. What am I doing wrong?

(Bart) #2

Are they actual object, or instances?

(Sjoerdnijkerk) #3

They are two meshes (one with texture) and a obj point cloud

(Bart) #4

Hmm, could you send the file to support@sketchfab.com so we can take a look at it?

(Sjoerdnijkerk) #5

I have sent it via wetransfer. Many thanks in advance!


The textured version and plain mesh version are actually there when you upload from Blender. However, the textured version is 100% transparent for some reason. You can fix this in 3D Settings:

I think we might just not support point clouds from Blender ( @waleguene ? )

(Sjoerdnijkerk) #7

Ok thank you very much for the help! I would like to get confirmation though if it is really not possible to export pointclouds from Blender, this would be good to know for the future :slight_smile: Cheers

(Waleguene) #8

Hi @sjoerdnijkerk ,

Actually we don't support point clouds from Blender. That's not a big deal do support it, I opened a ticket on our side to handle that.

For the 'transparent object' issue, we need to check that, there is another ticket for it :slight_smile:

We 'll keep you in touch, thanks!