Exporting rigged character from blender

Hi, I’m trying to upload a rigged character with animations, but it’s not upload correctly.

The first image is the character in blender, the second one is in sketchfab.
The third one is what happens in blender if i invert the armature and subdivision surface modifiers (as you can see it is the same as it looks in sketchfab). Obviously they’re in the correct order when i export the model.
So, theres a way to export it correctly ? I’m exporting in .fbx and i’ve already tried the other extensions without results. Thanks!

Hi, I think it is a problem with the rig.
Are you animating it with the rigify rig?

No, I made the rig by hand, but in Blender it works correctly

And how many bones affect that part of the mesh?

Assuming this is a weightpaint issue, see here:

Because blender has a pretty high tolerance, those minor weightpaint issues are barely notable there, but Sketchfab appears to have its limits. You should check if there are some unwanted spots of weightpaint

If using IK Constraints: Apparently sketchfab supports blenders boneconstraints, but from my experience there could be some minor issue with how it is calculated in sketchfab, so if thats the case baking to keyframes would be the way to go

Hi ! Have you try .blend & .gltf export ??

@stef Yes but they don’t work correctly.

Anyway i’ve found this: https://help.sketchfab.com/hc/en-us/articles/206223646#blend " Animations based on modifiers that are not Armature modifiers: if you use a Hook or a Mesh deform modifier, its effect will be lost or buggy on Sketchfab". It’s probably because of this that the subdivion surface is not working properly. Thanks everyone for the answers :slight_smile: