Exporting Trouble With Blendshapes, Wrap Deformers and Ramp Shaders


(Vonneguts) #1

Hello! I've been struggling for a while trying to upload a brief loop of a character I modeled and rigged in Maya. I'm exporting a FBX, ensuring to bake the animation in the export, but once on Sketchfab my character's face doesn't show up, but all (supposed to be hidden) blendshapes for her face are unintentionally visible. I've also tried selecting her geometry and using Anim Deform > Edit Blendshape > Bake topology to targets to hopefully help with the blendshape issues, but nothing with regards to the face changed. In addition, the boot straps on my character, which are attached via wrap deformer, do not follow the animation. And the pupils on my character's eyes are made with a ramp shader, which seems to also not export in this format :frowning: I'm not totally certain how to approach resolving these issues.

Here's what I'm seeing in the export versus what should be seen:

Any help with how I can approach fixing this would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

(Shaderbytes) #2

im not a maya user so some else can possibly answer you blendshapes issues but in general based on what you posted it seems to be you think there is a 1 to 1 relationship between everything in maya and sketchfab. For example you shader issue - Sketchfab does not expose any of its shaders properties and also does not import any shader logic from any external apps. They use their own PBR real time rendering system , you need to learn what this is and adapt you workflow to mach those needs when using their platform. The same can be said for you modifiers you are using. There is no such thing on their platform. Modifiers need to be applied prior to export.


(Vonneguts) #3

Hi shaderbytes! Thank you for the information :slight_smile: I'll try looking into these details.