Extra 300 Aerobatics-Airplane

Hey guys and gals!

So, this is my newest entry the Extra 300.

A little backstory to this model: I modeled this plane for my bachelor thesis 7 years ago. The thesis’ topic were explosion drawings and the model was mostly rendered in line-art - using C4Ds Sketch&Toon shader.

Now i decided to do a re-master for Sketchfab. When I revisited the model i was astonished that the fuselage wasn’t too badly done when it came to topology but the original model also featured many mistakes that gave me a good chuckle. :slight_smile:

I retopologized it in Blender, added finer details and baked them and immediately got a good result. And again I used Blenders’ texture paint module to do the livery. Even tough “Texture Paint” lacks in functionality and isn’t exactly powerful or user-friendly I can kind of get into a good flow with it. As with all my other models I added a slight personal touch by adding my name and branding.

Hope you enjoy it! Feedback greatly appreciated!


have done a few aircraft in blender and put them on sketchfab a while back(few years back) so i really appreciate the work that must have gone into this! well done!

Some feedback:

  1. not sure whats causing these weird artefacts…might be the normal map image

  2. run your annotations through a spell check, there were a couple of mistakes in the 4th one.