Extremely long upload today Jan 23

I’ve been using sketchfab for a while now and today it seems to have a lot of issues with uploads.

Usually I have a script that runs off of Agisoft PhotoScan that automatically uploads my model for me in a .zip format but that was taking way to long to successfully finish uploading.

So I also tried uploading it by hand, where I took the .zip archive of my model and uploaded onto sketchfab but that’s also taking much longer than usual.

Is there a reason why this is happening? The problem has been very consistent all day.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kate,

I just answered your email as well. We’re not aware of any processing issues at the moment, but there could have been a long model queue. Could you send me the URL to the model so I can take a closer look?


It seemed to have fixed itself yesterday, but we’re seeing the same issue today.


Is there a way to delete the models that are being uploaded? They’re currently in the queue and are taking extremely long and we just want to delete them and have a fresh start maybe.

Thanks Kate,

There’s a very long model processing queue at the moment, but we’re working on it. Thanks for your patience.

At the moment you cannot delete a model until it has finished processing (or failed).


Hey James,
Could you please let me know when the queue has cleared?

The queue seems to have recovered and should be back to normal now.

Hello, is there a new Queue problem these days ? My FBX is being prosseced for already 22 hours… :sob:
Thank you !

Sorry about that. There was a bug with that upload. We’re looking into it (and I’ll reply to your email).

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My principal wish is to get back the previous annotations texts. I managed in rebuilding all the scene another time but my previous texts were better and I haven’t any copy. Could you please find these for me even if the file is unavailable ? If it is possible, could you please send me that in private ? Thank you ! Afterward, I will simply delete the old version.

@YannickDeharo this should be fixed now.

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@james I seem to be having some similar issues. I’ve had a model uploading for several hours now, which has never happened to me before, even on models that were much larger than the one I am currently trying to upload.

There’s a (different) known issue today, see: Sketchfab Operations

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Ah! Good to know. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me. Thanks!