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Eye-catching headphones


(Thechosenone) #1

This is around 6 hours of modeling.Out of nowhere the idea came and i decided to model right away! :smiley:

The idea is that the headphones look really interesting and something you would want to click just to check out as im trying to make something thats gonna attract more viewers than usual.
The bending pipes in the back are suppose to be filled with liquid and have small diodes at each ends making the liquid glow like a glow stick (and could show battery levels with different colors?),and the top part with the screw holding the thing that wraps around your head will look like some kind of a beast's head as i will add eyes on the sides that will glow as well and it will look like the head holder are horns.
The screws will be placed deeper and have their specific holes to go into as i tried to flesh out the model for now,make it look as complete as possible if you understand.

The circle around the play sing is a volume slider.
And on the other headphone head (is that what you call it?) there will be a pause button and 2 buttons for changing songs forwards and backwards.
I know,i know...what kind of a idiot puts specific buttons for play and pause when they can be one? xD well with both the pause and play button you can pause and play,it just looks more interesting this way.

So what do you think? :smiley: hopefully it should be done in a few days with the whole PBR fancy things :stuck_out_tongue:

(Dark Minaz) #2

look cool but a bit heavy.
not sure if i ever would use buttons on a headset though, thats what ctrl + mousebutton 6 is for. but it's a cool concept.
looking forward to a textured version, as i am a sucker for glowing things .. my ram got glow, my mouse, keyboard, even my fans got little bling bling lights haha

(Thechosenone) #3

This my friend looks huge and heavy xD

And they are suppose to he headphones,without the mic,that you carry around and enjoy music with.
Which also gave me a idea,they could be a mp3 player as well,meaning you dont need to carry a mp3 player for the songs,you just plug your sd card in these and you can listen to music! :smiley:
Pretty sure something like that exists already but oh well xD.
And me too,i glowy thing and vibrant colors :stuck_out_tongue: but now im afraid i might not be able to make them look as good as they could be.

(Dark Minaz) #4

if you need help with the glow part in sketchfab just ask, added quite a lot of glow things to my account so far :smile:

My headset is super skinny like the sennheiser URBANITE XLURBANITE XL, just well the fake asian version of it. Ignoring the world around you .. perfect.
but if there is a mp3 player inside id get those :smile: yeah didn't think of all the tech that would need to be inside with batteries and everything.

(Thechosenone) #5

I will try on my own,the best way to learn.And i guess i will have to add a cd card jack and a jack for the charging cable and maybe even USB jack,oh will find its place

(Thechosenone) #6

A truly revolutionary piece of head wear!

The post on DA where you can read more about it.

Aldo they look good,i somehow feel that they could look more realistic.I need critiques on how i can make them look more realistic to make people believe like they actually exist.

All my materials are on point and as i wish them to be but it all just doesn't look as real as these.
I dont know how or why but these ones look all so much more realistic.

mine give more of a toy feel which i was going for,which im guessing is why they dont look that much realistic as mine are more....artistic? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also the problem im having now is that is not getting a lot of exposure.My art isnt going to a lot of people to see so im getting really low page views and all,which is why im trying now to post the DA page from it to as many places as possible so i can get attention as i cant think of anything else that is left for me to do.

I hope that this is way to do it? im not really sure if i should advertise my DA page or my artStation or some kind of a different page or way.
Im trying to get as many people to see my art so they know i can actually do stuff worth looking at,so i can start to get requests and start doing submissions for starters and start earning for what im doing.
As i appreciate the work and time needed for doing modeling in general and things related to 3D art but unfortunately not a lot of people do :disappointed:

I hate this way of self advertising but im left with no other option.

(Dark Minaz) #7

not sure how you get more page views on da, i am there since forever and got like 3k by now.
But this is a wip forum, so i think you should still post the image and put a link at the end like
"Follow my other works at : link" if you really want to

as feedback, change the colors mate .. and add some textures. Looks like a kids toy somehow.
id use a mix of gold,red and black to make it look like something special. Or silver,green,black.
Add some neon liquid look to the pipes
Modeling looks fine, the top bit still looks slightly lower poly than the rest but that might be the camera angle

(Thechosenone) #8

well i know that to get more views just draw furry stuff xD,but now back to the important things.

And i will change the colors,i did say i will do more color variations when i have the time to render them out,
one will be white,blue,grey
one red,black...and dont know the 3rd.
and a red,yellow/orange,and probably black.

And by textures you mean slight noise in the plastic? will do.
And thats exactly what i want the pipes to look like,like a some kind of a neon liquid,but im having trouble making that kind of a shader.

And its the camera angle will try to render them out more realistically laying on some table from multiple angles.

(Dark Minaz) #9

Furry pony with headsets?
Yeah a bit to just break off the uniform look. mine are super simple but some parts got a bit less gloss and some noise just to break off the solid 1 color look.

Well not sure how to render it that way^^ id probably just create a liquid in maya bifrost, put it in the tube and let that glow.

(Thechosenone) #10

Ive tried to make a liquid shader in cycles but the problem with that is then the light will just go straight through it and it wont catch all that much of the light passing.
So on the image now i mixed a transparent and translucent and glossy to get some kind of a muddy water that doesn't just let the light pass straight through it.

(Nomadking) #11

As @dark_minaz said, the colours and the over glossy materials are probably what's giving you the 'toy' look, but something about your lighting doesn't quite feel right - and it;s quite hard to figure out exactly why! :no_mouth:

The other headset you linked has a much brighter scene with strong highlights,dark shadows ad soft reflections. Your scene is darker, has strong reflections, but duller highlights and softer shadows. I think somewhere your balance between direct and ambient lighting isn't quite right :wink: