F 16 fighting falcon


(Mohamed Amir94812) #1

Hi, I have started working on this project several months ago and I have just finished it and uploaded it on sketchfab.
https://skfb.ly/6y7xE select HD

I am so excited to read your opinions.

It is a highly detailed 3d model of F16 fighting falcon, SOM1 cruise missile and sparrow2 rocket modeled and textured using blender software.

Textured using 40964096 and one 81928192 maps.

(Mrcyb) #2


Great work !
Do you plan to add more details (ejection seat, cockpit etc. )?
Maybe, you should work a little bit more on your texture (I like the way you managed the specularity on the panels) but with some rivets, bolts, dirt etc. and a little more bump mapping It should be better.



(Mohamed Amir94812) #4

I am sure that one day I will return to this model and add more details. I did this several times with other models. I just don’t like to spend too long time working on the same model.

(Mrcyb) #5

I hope you will continue to work on this model, you already made very good job on it. :slight_smile: