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F1 Williams FW26 [WiP]

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Hey all,
I am creating a Williams FW26 ‘Walrus nose’ racing car for the 2004 Formula One season (early version, begining of the season), work in progress obviously. About 60% of the model completed already. Not the most accurate replica probably, but a good chance to brush up my SubD modelling skills.

Comments and critiques are welcome.

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #2

In some parts of model the wire is too tight, so you make vertexes that do not add anything to the shape.
Did you have this as reference? if not its really good

Most of people reaction is "they are lying in a F1 bolid" LOL :wink:.

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Thanks for the reference, that sectional view scheme is really nice :thumbsup:
as for the mesh density, I plan on turning this into a game-res lowpoly model so that doesn't really matter at this stage

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #4

Low poly looks very good but I wonder ? You really need those loops on the tires tread? And one more thing you need more vertexes on silhouette than on actual pipe shape. I refer to the tire because you did opposite in the tire silhouette edge you have less vertexes that on the tread.

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Yeah you're right. I am retopolizing the wheels and some oher parts manually now. I've tried using PolygonCrucnher plug-in for this model for the frist time and I'm pretty impressed by how well it optimized most of the model while retaining the complex shapes with topology decent enough for a game lowpoly and UVs from the highpoly mesh. Of course, there are some coarse parts but this tool seems like a nice addition to my workflow, especially when I'm in a zeitnot.