Fabian Ernst's #3December Entries

(Fernst) #1

Bit late, but I’m in!

(Fernst) #2

Day 1 - Winter Coat

(Fernst) #3

Day 2 - Wood Stove

Not quite happy with it, even though it took longer than expected. But it’s ok, i guess :slight_smile:

(Fernst) #4

Day 3 - North Pole

An ice bear and two seals in a staring contest. Guess the ice bear will give up and will look through the remains of an old camp :smiley:

(Omabuarts) #5

The winter coat scene, is it a cat? Looks very cool btw! :smile:

(Fernst) #6

Yep, that’s right. I imagined it with warm light from a little town on the front and the moonlight in the back. Glad you like it! :smile:

(Fernst) #7

4 Day - Fruitcake

Not quite what I had in mind, but at least I got to try out Refraction and Scattering

(Brian C Allen) #8

I really like your low poly stuff! Awesome!

(Fernst) #9

Thanks! :smile:

(Fernst) #10

Day 5 - Flu

(Fernst) #11

Day 6 - Reindeer

I learned from the past that I need more practise for stylized fur and it would take way too much time right now. Well… and I tried… and canceled midway. That’s why you only get a wood bust :stuck_out_tongue:

(Fernst) #12

Day 7 - Igloo

Meh, what a muddy mess. Well, I can’t work an eternity on that, gonna leave it like that :confused:
I wanted to reconstruct the igloo my brother and I used to make. More or less a mess with an iceplate on top, just like that one. But hey, next time it’ll be better

(Fernst) #13

Day 8 - Earmuffs

Whew… manual retopo and everything… won’t to do something like this again for the challenge :sweat_smile:
Here’s a little cat with earmuffs. Is it just me or does it look more like a panther than a cat?

(Fernst) #14

Day 9 - Jingle Bell

(Fernst) #15

I changed the lighting and effects on the Flu Virus (Day 5). Has more contrast and slightly more saturation

(Fernst) #16

Day 10 - Pine Cone

I wanted to try out the outlines for while now and found something cute as I googled pine cones. Aaand that’s the result :slight_smile:

(Nomadking) #17

Hoot, Hoot, Twig Ta Woo!

Very cute :wink:

(Fernst) #18

Haha, glad you like it

(Fernst) #19

Day 11 - Gingerbread

A Gingerbread Lancer equiped with candy armor which sticks on tasty frosting, is ready to save his kind and battle the mortal enemy - the human.

(Fernst) #20

Day 12 - Ice Fishing

I totally forgot to save and guess what happened? It crashed and almost everything was gone… Luckily I exported the whale for a test before. So today it’s just a frozen low-poly whale in crystal clear ice :confused: