Fabian Ernst's #3December Entries

(Fernst) #21

Day 13 - Snow Fox

Sleepy fox in the morning sun :slight_smile:

(Fernst) #22

Day 14 - Chimney

Woah, way toooo late

(Fernst) #23

Day 15 - Sweater

Clothes… not my favourite thing to model. Didn’t know where to go with it in a stylized way, that’s why it’s realistic this time :smile:

(Fernst) #24

Day 16 - Gifts

It was way more work, but I just couldn’t let the chance for that nasty gift slip away. But I don’t want one of these for christmas :smile:

(Fernst) #25

Day 17 - Snowflake

(Fernst) #26

Day 18 - Candy

(Fernst) #27

Day 19 - Sledding

(Fernst) #28

Day 20 - Snow Owl

(Fernst) #29

Day 21 - Winter Doorway

Who left the door open?!

(Fernst) #30

Finally finished! This challenge was great for speeding up and trying out some new stuff. It was really fun to lurk through the forum and see what everyone else did! :smile:

Good luck the next two days for the ones that still have to finish!