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FaceBook model viewer not working

(Offplan3d) #1

For the last few months i can’t load/play my SketchFab models inside of FaceBook app or webpage. I have been though the forums and tried the FB fixes which didn’t work. Recently i have heard that GLTF format models now work in FB so does anyone know how i can convert to this format and then share the model to FB?

Thanks- Dom


Hi Dom,

I’m afraid it’s due to changes on Facebook’s end. They have recently been changing the way different links are previewed / embedded in posts. There’s not much we can do on our end.

We automatically transcode all models to glTF, you just need to enable download.

(Offplan3d) #3

Hi James,
thanks for the reply. Do you know roughly when SketchFab is going to be able to export .glb files for Facebook? Its seems like a big (and not very successful) work around at the moment.

Cheers- Dom


Hi Dom,

We have no short-term plan to move from glTF to GLB, but you can convert files with another tool such as this: