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Facebook. Play button disappeared


(Kennyt) #1

The models I shared on facebook used to have a 'play' button, and we can just move and rotate the model on facebook.
Now that the 'play' button is gone we can't do that anymore, any solution?

(Pierre-Antoine) #2

Hi @kennyt,

We can't seem to reproduce your issue. Do you have the link to a model that doesn't work properly on Facebook?


(Pierre-Antoine) #3

You can also read our help section on this topic to see if it helps:


It's a known issue affecting some links and some Facebook users. They seem to be testing things on their end. Try, for example, viewing a public post while logged out of Facebook.

We're in contact with their team, but there's not much we can do on our end.

(Kennyt) #5

I realise other people got the play button when viewing my post.
But when I view my own post, there is no play button, maybe facebook setting?
And i can still play video on facebook.
I tried my friend's facebook account on my pc to view my post, I can use the 'play' button.
Probably something is wrong with my account

it used to be like this

But now it's like this