Facebook sharing post description not updating


(Krisventure) #1

I’m experiencing problems with sketchfab posts on Facebook. Specifically, I updated the model description on Sketchfab and scraped the link to it in my facebook post. The new description appeared immediately on Facebook but I noticed a silly typo. So I fixed the typo on Sketchfab and tried to scrape again on Facebook. This time, however, the description didn’t update any more. Ever since, anyone ever shares this sketchfab model on facebook (and they do it often), every single time it appears with the description with a silly typo in it, even though I’ve changed it on Sketchfab. I’ve tried scraping both using the ‘Refresh attachment’ option and from Facebook’s official debugger page but none works.

(Krisventure) #2

Problem solved itself. Just had to scrape after sufficient waiting time after the last scraping.